That Perfect Wedding Venue

That Special Day

Imagine that special day of your wedding aboard the classic yacht, Gallant Lady, complete with Catering, Flowers, the works! seattle wedding venues

Seattle Lake Union, A Perfect Wedding Venue

The skyline of Seattle, like the Space Needle, would be that special addition for your wedding.

San Juan Islands - Wedding Cruises

You and your guests can cruise the San Juan Islands while preparing for that lovely wedding in somewhere like Roche Harbor, either on the boat or in or around the lovely Hotel Del Haro.

Also, the Rosario Resort And Spa, makes a great venue.

Honeymoon While Guests Cruise The Islands

The Rosario Resort and Spa and the Roche Harbor Hotel Del Haro are the perfect honeymoon spots. Your family and guests can continue with a several day cruise through the San Juan Islands.

(Ordained Christian Minister on Board if needed)

John Hylton, owner of Gallant Lady, was a christian minister for Calvary Chapel. He is able, if desired, to actually perform the ceremony.