Seattle Boat Tours

Cruising in Seattle - headed west

There is so much to see in the many areas of the Seattle waterfront. From Lake Union we pass the Sleepless in Seattle floating home and can go west  through what is known as the Ship Canal  where the maritime industry is at full swing.  Out this way are the Ballard Locks that allow boats to go from the fresh water lakes to the salt water of Puget Sound with vast areas still in protected waters.

Cruising in Seattle - headed east

Headed east we enter Portage Bay with many floating homes. That leads us to the "cut," which connected Lake Union and Lake Washington in about 1909. Proceeding through we come to The University of Washington, sitting stately just off the water

Lake Washington

A highlight of the 3 hour day tour is pointing out the various waterfront homes/estates that are owned by the world's richest people,. There's even a mansion built by the inventer of Windows 2000. (can you guess how many windows are in the home? ) One of the mansions even has an actual dinasaur on display. The replica is in the museum!

How about a Day Trip or Overnight in:

Poulsbo, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Bainbridge Island, Des Moines, and more...

You'll really enjoy going through the Ballard Locks as we transit from the fresh water of Lake Union to the Salt Water destinations of Puget Sound